We are focused on providing a true service based solution to our customers with the goal of treating all clients as true partners. We understand that good customers deserve the greatest service available in the most cost efficient means possible.
Stall Road - SC 408,000 SF
Summit Church - NC 44,886 SF
Envision Science Academy - NC
AIP Building #1
"In addition to their qualified Project Managers and Superintendents, the quality of the project supersedes our expectations each and every time, which is why we highly recommend and enjoy working with BC Construction Group."

We truly believe in hiring the best and brightest personnel to represent our company. Constantly empowering all of our employees to make the right decisions for the right reasons on a daily basis.
Summit Church

Apex, North Carolina

BC Construction Group is pleased to join Summit Church in celebration of the successful completion of their new facility, with services beginning August 6th. BC Construction Group was chosen to design and build a new facility
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Envisions Science Academy

Wake Forest NC

The Envisions Science Academy, a top performing STEM charter school, is ready to start classes in their new facility. This new facility consolidates the multiple campuses the school had been operating over the previous few years.
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